I'm available to take a limited number of speaking engagements per year.

I can speak on arts and culture, the vocation of a writer, and the path of an urban contemplative.

I can speak on prayer, on addiction as spiritual thirst, on the tragicomic paradoxes of our pilgrimage on earth.

I can speak on the life and spirituality of St. Thérèse of Lisieux--about whom I wrote a whole book.

I can speak to  religious and laypeople, young and old, rich and poor, seekers of all stripes, and die-hard agnostics.

I’ve had a conversation with the late, sainted Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete at a Crossroads Cultural Center event in NYC.

I’ve led a staff Day of Recollection for Bishop (then Fr.) Robert Barron's Word on Fire Ministries.

I've been a keynote speaker for the San Antonio Women's Conference, a couple of ENDOW events, and the annual Catholic Press Association Media Conference.

I’ve given talks for parishes and/or schools, among other places, in Omaha, NE, St. Louis, MO, Sioux Falls, SD, St. Paul, MN, Westwood, MA, New Orleans, LA, Pittsburgh PA, Monterey, CA, Phoenix, AZ, and throughout the greater LA area.
I've spoken at literary conferences, Catholic and otherwise, and to many memoir-writing classes.
I've spoken at the annual Religious Ed Congress in Anaheim, CA.

I’ve given sober retreats.

I’ve spoken to more addicts, drunks, co-dependents, sex and love addicts and compulsive underearners, in and out of jail, than I could possibly count.

I speak from the gut and my heart.


We invited Heather King for three different talks to various target audiences over three days. We laughed, we cried, and we marveled. Heather is as captivating and uniquely articulate in person as she is on the page. Her “voice” and vision are a treasure of our Church. Informed by gratitude for finding a place at the banquet of the Father, she has found a Daughter’s voice which women and men alike will find riveting, wise, humorous, and inspiring. For audiences seeking greater integrity in Christ, Heather is the perfect speaker.

--Rebecca Pettigrew, Director, Adult Faith Formation, St. Louise de Marillac Parish, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 With deep insight, and joyful humor, Heather King’s keynote talk at the annual Catholic Press Association Conference was a provoking reminder. Each of us – especially those of us serving the Church as professionals in the media – are challenged to remember that the real deal is first and always, life with Christ. The writing and other work we do is a way to deepen that relationship.

--Maria Scaperlanda, Director and Vice-President of the Catholic Press Association Board

When Heather King speaks, what is heard out loud is what most of us are only willing to admit in the quiet of our thoughts: we are flawed, inadequate sinners and scared silly we will be found out! From her courageous honesty, we find our ourselves laughing and crying in our shared humanity and praising God that our failures are no match for His victorious Love and Healing.  With a captivating authenticity, Heather shares a sad past of seedy bars, bad choices and distorted perceptions. I praise God for the blessing of Heather King; this ‘spark through stubble’ (Wis 3:7), fellow sinner and sister-in-Christ!   

--Nan Balfour, Events Coordinator, San Antonio “Come to Me” Catholic Women’s Conference

Heather King touched our hearts deeply through her heart-rending, yet witty personal stories and the amazing lens through which she understands the writings of Thérèse of Lisieux. She summoned us to the true self-giving to which we are invited by Christ. 

--Vicki Schmidt, Director of Theresians International

I'm delighted to consider your request. 
Please email me at hdking719@gmail.com. 
Make sure to include your organization's website, the expected number of attendees, and the date of the event.