Wednesday, January 2, 2019


For the paperback, please go with amazon 
as the direct seller (you'll get PRIME free shipping), 
as that way the royalty goes to me. Or of course there's kindle. 

I have re-acquired the rights to my beloved cancer memoir, STRIPPED!

Here's a page with an audio excerpt and the opening chapter. 

This is a really I must say worthy book that I had originally self-published, and that was then bought by Loyola Press. Which was very kind of them, except that they changed the subtitle and interpolated a cover that I just could never get behind.

So now, at my request, they have declared their version out of print, the rights have reverted to me, and STRIPPED: Cancer, Culture and the Cloud of Unknowing with fab cover and interior design by Rowan Moore-Seifred of DoubleMRanch Design is up and running!

However, disentangling the two titles and the many formats in which the book is available on amazon was kind of nightmarish. I spent so much time talking to various folks in India, sending emails to Customer Care, and double-clicking arcane links to vile used booksellers whose "nearly new" stock amazon allows them to sell as new and thus undersell the author, that I have knocked seven dollars off the price and, left the whole thing to God.

The upshot of amazon's marketing model is that they get 70% or more of the royalties and I (and every other author who self-publishes with them), make about 2 bucks a paperback book as opposed to one buck with an outside publisher. So I was gratified to note that Jeff Bezos and his wife recently coughed up 15 million bucks to be divided among three Catholic charities. You're welcome!



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    1. Stephen, thank you so much! And of course I'm glad you liked it. Happy New Year to you.


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