Tuesday, May 2, 2017



Ha folks I am officially old now.

I turn 65 in July--I know it's hard to believe, I'm so mature--and I have applied for and been accepted to Medicare!

Adela from Kaiser is coming over TO MY APT. this afternoon, such is the individual attention, to pick up my app for Parts C and D or however it goes. I'm gonna get me a "Silver and Fit" card and will thus get "free" gym (for 20 bucks a month).

My only real ailment (besides tingly hands at night, intermittent skin conditions, and a chronically sore back) is hay fever, which right now in Southern Cal is rather a 24/7 problem. (Side note: I got a prescription for allergy eye drops with two refills and sometime between the time I picked up the first prescription and the time I called for a refill which was less than two weeks, my insurance (not Medicare yet) had decided they didn't cover it anymore. Weird, right?).

It's happening! I'm old and all I want to talk about is my "health problems."

I promise I won't bring them up again unless I come down with something really gross or otherwise interesting. But I do want to emphasize I am ALL, at this point, about being old. Bring on the "senior" discounts! Hold the door. Carry my packages. And give me some money.

Meanwhile I continue to dig up Bermuda grass in my "garden" and finally got a chance to go back to my beloved Lower Arroyo last week around the magic hour.

Here I became entranced by the mysterious beauty of sage, which is in its full glory right now. The heady fragrance is really required for full effect.  

But here are some pix.



  1. Happy almost 65!! I love your photos of that gorgeous sage. Fabulous!

  2. Old? Naw, becoming eligible for Soc. Sec. doesn't have to equate as 'old'. Nope. I've Been collecting for over 20 years (applied @ 63). Since then: volunteered in Israel for two years, served a year in the Peace Corps @ 76. Old is a state of mind and heart. My wish for you, is that you awaken every morning with a "song in your heart" as God spoke to Zepaniah, telling him he'd "sing over him". BTW: I'm also sober for over 47 years. :) May your Catholic life continue to speak quiet volumes to those who don't yet know the treasure of living @ the table of the Word and the Bread. Blessings daily.

    1. That's just what I was trying to say! Thank you so much and kudos on your active life of service--

  3. Hello readers and witty writer!

    Social Security, for the most part, has been very good to me, despite the need to fight for my rights. You see, I started receiving disability checks in the 90s due to coping with a mental illness. Of late, I'm doing well - singing, writing, painting and even working at a part-time job.

    And so the sun shines...
    And so life goes on...
    And so God is good...
    And so for the moment,
    All is well...

    "Have a blessed day!"


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