Monday, November 14, 2016



From Fr. Ron Rolheiser's column this week, entitled "Our Resistance to Love:"

"Sensitive people, on the other hand, struggle with the rawness of intimacy because genuine intimacy, like heaven, is not something that can be glibly or easily achieved. It’s a life-long struggle, a give and take with many setbacks, a revealing and a hiding, a giving over and a resistance, an ecstasy and a feeling of unworthiness, an acceptance that struggles with real surrender, an altruism that still contains selfishness, a warmth that sometimes turns cold, a commitment that still has some conditions and a hope that struggles to sustain itself.

Intimacy isn’t like heaven. It is salvation. It is the kingdom. Thus, like the kingdom, both the road and the gate towards it are narrow, not easily found. So be gentle, patient and forgiving towards others and self in that struggle."

We resist love but we also ceaselessly seek love, insist upon love, blast through every obstacle to burst through with fresh love and new life.

Last week I hiked the Altadena Crest Trail in the San Gabriels, not far north of my apartment.

I was struck by these roots from some native bush--a kind of buchwheat perhaps--that were emerging from and growing along what appeared to be solid rock..

In spite of everything, heaven and nature sing.

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  1. Whoa, the Rolheiser excerpt is gorgeous. I almost want to frame it. Oh, man, I wish I could write like that. :)


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