Sunday, November 27, 2016


I welcome these early-dark days, and the winter coolness in the shadow of the San Gabriel Mountains. Constantly seeking out quiet, I walk frequently to the chapel at St. Elizabeth of Hungary to pray Vespers.

Above is the doorway of the main church, and a shot of the Westminster Presbyterian Church just south of St. Elizabeth.

Thanksgiving day, before wrapping up my polenta pine nut torte and departing for my friend Julia's,
I walked up to the church as well. I knew the chapel would be closed but the walk was itself lovely, what with the changing leaves, brisk-ish for Southern Cal air, and smell of cooking turkeys wafting o'er the sidewalks.

I sat for a bit in the Mary grotto.

Then I walked around to this side niche and prepared my heart for Advent.



  1. love the photos- what a beautiful little spot!

  2. I'm thankful for you. I love your writing and spirituality and devotion.

    I just read your essay on M. Antonia in Magnificat today - I think you are kindred souls. Beautiful stuff Miss Heather. Beautiful stuff. No wonder St. Therese loves you so much.

  3. I too just read about Mother Antonia in the Magnificat. Thank you so much for this! The Holy Spirit really spoke to me about complete surrender in care of the grieving. Thank you.

  4. Thank you dear ladies--wasn't Mother Antonia amazing? A contemporary Virgin of Guadalupe...and yes, these little oases in the middle of the city, like St. E of Hungary, keep me and I'm sure many others afloat.


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