Wednesday, July 20, 2016


     I wept when I prayed – because of something inside me that felt the need for tears.
        Why did I pray? A strange question. Why did I live? Why did I breathe?
           I believed I would be drawn into eternity, into that time where
               question and answer would become one.    Elie Wiesel as a young man, before the Night


Awake late at night
finally reading his story
an innocent boy’s beautiful faith
betrayed, put into a ghetto, then deported
it feels like my, like our story.

Praying the psalms next morning
the same ones he recited…
my tears have become my bread, by night, by day
as I hear it said all the day long: ‘ Where is your God?’   Psalm 42
At the end of the sky is the rising sun; to the furthest end of the sky is its course.
There is nothing concealed from its burning heat.  Psalm 18
What could extinguish this holy fire in his soul
what violence and death what hatred and prejudice kill your faith?

A farmer’s morning mowing the summer hay
the mature stems falling in windrows
I think, my God, those who were forced to dig the trenches
and then mowed down in a deadly harvest of bullets
the cattle cars of children disappearing off into the camps.

My lunch plate at noon, full to overflowing
food lovingly cooked and served, and to think
you had so little, scraps of moldy bread, thin soup
and in the end, a living corpse mirrored back to your own haunted eyes.

What they took from you
your mother and sisters, your father, your friends, your village
your faith and your freedom and the joy of your youth
they stole every love surrounding you, Elie
but they could not destroy the endpoint
your deepest question and answer – love, the Eternal.

               Scott Eagan
                        June 6, 2016

     Man questions God and God answers. But we don’t understand His answers.
        We can’t understand them. Because they come from the depths. of the soul, 
             and they stay there until death.   Elie Wiesel

Scott Eagan is a poet, a friend, and a member of the Madonna House apostolate in Combermere, Ontario.
He generously agreed to share "What Is Love." Thank you, Scott.

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  1. Thank you, Scott and Heather. In a wonderful way this is a providential entrance into the feast of St Mary Magdalene tomorrow. P


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