Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Oh it is good to be using my trusty camera again. The last several months have been action months. My prayer every morning is for the strength to make it through the day, fulfill all my obligations, and avoid a temper tantrum, psychotic break, or bout of existential despair.

Saturday early evening I decided to walk the mile or so to the nearby Vons to look for a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mop refill. They didn't have one but I didn't really mind. I was grateful to have an hour to spare, to be outside, to walk a few of my neighborhood streets that were theretofore unfamiliar.

Ambling north on Fair Oaks, I came across a three- or four-story office building. The median of the adjacent parking lot was with this glorious plant whose name I don't know though I've seen it--probably most of us have seen it--a thousand times.

The magic hour light made the furled green-gold leaves and interior depths look especially wondrous and rare.


  1. It's so pretty, and it looks fragrant. Your photographs are so good I think I can smell it.

  2. Stunning photos!

  3. I think your plant is a Euonymus. See here


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