Friday, June 17, 2016


This week's arts and culture column is on a personal friend of mine: Mr. Aaron Lipstadt, cylist extraordinaire.

Here's how the piece begins:

Aaron Lipstadt is 63, a TV director and a resident of Hollywood’s Bronson Canyon.

He also rides his bicycle just about everywhere.

Recently, he sat down at an Echo Park café and told how he came to his passion.

“I grew up in small-town Connecticut. My friends lived a mile, two miles away, so I’d ride my bike over. Then I went to college in Chicago during the ‘70s bike boom. I took my bike down to Kentucky one weekend and rode the back roads for three days. It was kind of the signal adventure of my life.

“Mapped it out: Lexington to Louisville. Camped. Asked this couple if I could pitch my tent in their yard. In the middle of the night I was almost blown away by a tornado. Ran across the field to their house. Saw the power go out. Their son came out and let me sleep in his truck. The next morning was beautiful. Clear, wind still blowing. The family invited me to breakfast. Made a fire. Dried my stuff. I was 20 or so. That hooked me on biking. I understood that cycling was an adventure.” By the early ‘80s, he and his wife Julia were living in Los Angeles.

“In the late 90’s, I went on the AIDS ride, San Francisco to L.A... 


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