Thursday, January 14, 2016


I may have said I got started late on Christmas this year and I have had a hard time letting go of the magic.

Right up the street from where I live in Pasadena is an historic landmark/local institution: Santa Rosa Avenue colloquially known as Christmas Tree Lane. Some rich guy in the early part of last century saw some giant deodars on his travels and decided to try to re-create the effect near his Altadena (the town just north of Pasadena) compound. Or something like that. You can read the history and more here.

Anyway, every year the city lights up this .7 mile swath. The last night this year was Jan. 4 which I missed being en route from Boston at the time--I had walked by but not up the lane earlier in the season. But then for some reason they lit the trees one last night, on January 7, and at dusk I walked up Los Robles (The Oaks) to Woodbury and made my way up the whole stretch.

Afterwards, I did manage to take down my own lights, and the two Advent calendars, the vintage bulbs, the scads of cards, candles, scavenged bits of ribbon and tinsel, the clay cherub with a green grosgrain bow, rescued from some long-ago present, around his waist.

I decided to leave up the glass birds all year.
Just to remind myself of that place, deep in every human heart, where it is Christmas all the time.

fare thee well till december 2016, God willing!

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