Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Just before the New Year, I had a day where I woke, was about to go full steam ahead into a day of hard work, and thought: I need to go to the Huntington.

Courtesy of my friend Judy, I had a guest pass, and since I now LIVE IN PASADENA where these world-class gardens, library and galleries are located, I motored on down.

Every once in a while in this vale of tears, we are graced with a few blessed hours of utter peace.

Such were my hours there.

Here, in no particular order, are some shots of the cactus garden, the Japanese tea house gardens, the rose gardens, the camellia path, a lemon tree before which I could have knelt, and more.


  1. What beauty! Happy New Year Heather and I do hope you're settling into your new home well. I pray that 2016 is a wonderful year full of adventures, mysteries and beauty. God bless, Lizzie

  2. Beautiful photos, as usual. Although, I don't get the attraction to the lemon tree. (Prolly because the thorns of the lemon tree in my backyard always scratch me). Huntington Library is my favorite part of the whole place. Lincoln's handwriting, Washington's wooden tooth, stuff like that.
    I love that place. So glad you got a pass to go. It used to be free.

  3. I think the question is: Why are we Catholics not producing gardens of this caliber or frankly gardens at all? Most of the landscaping around our churches and Catholic institutions is very bland at best. Gardens need to be a breathtaking celebration of life and beauty like this one

    1. Ha I am so with you! I have often pondered why many of the best "Catholic" writers--Kenzaburo Oe, Katherine Boo, Brenda Ueland, to name just a few--aren't Catholic. Same with architecture, music, poetry, as you say gardens. Now that I think of it, where are the great Catholic cooks! We of all people should be mad about, glorifying, good food at every turn.


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