Wednesday, November 18, 2015



I have been right out straight looking for an apartment, meeting various deadlines, dealing as we all do with the steady stream of daily obligations, interruptions, requests for help ET CETERA.

Yesterday morning I thought I had a clear few hours and my fondest wish with a few clear hours is always to write.  Instead, as usual, a variety of items demanding my immediate attention came up (a nun looking for some poetry suggestions, a woman from Vermont who's coming to LA for heart surgery and wondered if she could stay with me (NO! But I will come visit you while you're here), a personal (right) letter from the founder of wikipedia asking for (more) money.

In the midst of all that came the following, from my young San Antonio, TX, friend: the amazing Mr. Greg Camacho.


How are you? I've got some good news!

Three weeks ago I went to El Paso for my cousin's wedding. You may recall that last year I reported to you a reflection on a short trip to the famed Whoopee Bowl Antique Mall, on the way back from Albuquerque, cut shorter by their not being open on Sundays.

Wellllllllll. It turns out the Whoopee Bowl was only ten minutes from our hotel in EP, and my parents and I arrived Friday evening. So Saturday morning, mere hours before my cousin tied the knot, we went.

The nice looking giraffe greeted us with a smile. Chrome Mary stood watch over her ramshackle children. For about an hour it was pure, at-least-seven-kinds-of-weird bliss. One of those weird ways was entirely due to the stone tower aquarium with fish swimming inside, and a slightly portentous leak sprouting a sizable offshoot of lichen. Elsewhere, two Santas, a gorilla, and a Calavera Catrina overlooked a crèche. All this eccentricity would seem simply gauche if it weren't for the tender zebra nuzzling up to the Christ child.

As we walked through the aisles of old and interesting, often zany miscellany, I remembered your comment that all of this could only be part of the Good News, and I thanked God that a place like this exists.

Attached are some pictures. I've left out others in case you happen to stop by the Whoopee Bowl on your own - I don't want to give away all the surprises!

All the best and more,


One more time, I remembered life IS the "interruptions," and laughed out loud with delight, and gave thanks.

Let's all hold out our hands over the dear head of Greg C. and give him a blessing!


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