Friday, October 9, 2015


Los Angeles County General Hospital
(now County+USC Medical Center) Emergency Room, 1934 

This week's arts and culture piece is on some of L.A.'s unsung heroes: the social workers at County+USC Hospital.

Here's how it begins:

As an Angeleno who lives alone and works alone, I’ve often wondered what might happen if I had, say, a stroke out on the street.

Enter Jan Crary, who for 28 years has worked as a licensed clinical social worker at L.A. County+USC Medical Center.

“Found down,” it turns out, is the medical term for people who are discovered unconscious or otherwise unable to identify themselves.

Part of Jan’s job over the years has been to identify them.


County is HUGE!
Just think--there are people in there who will help you!

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  1. I am a twenty-five year old who lives, works, eats, creates, celebrates, and wanders alone. Despite being a control-freak, I really take great pleasure in pondering what might happen when I die. I don't mean to address the potential of an after life, be that heaven, hell, purgatory, reincarnation, or whatever else. What I mean to address and often mull over is what might happen when my body collapses to the ground, for surely I will be alone, hiking the mountains of Canada, swimming in Lake Superior, strolling the streets of Chicago, or driving to the East Coast. Alone, who will pass over my body? Who will discover me? Who will rush to my side? Will I have proper identification on my body? Will anyone know who I am? Who will be shocked? Who will care? Who won't care? Will my death shock, amuse, or upset anyone? I'd rather not have the answers to any of these questions, and allow the unknown to pan out as it will, morbid as that may be!


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