Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The folks on California's Central Coast have been good to me.

Most especially, these include 1) the one and only Fr. Patrick Dooling. Fr. Pat had me up to speak last year at the Monterey Cathedral, then lent me his family home in Capitola for several days; and 2) Anne Breiling of Aptos. Anne hosted me at her home on a road trip to the Lost Coast of California a couple of years ago and, like Fr. Pat (they are friends) has loyally supported my work.

Looks like I'll be up that way speaking again during Lent, 2016.

More to the point here, Anne is spearheading a groovy new coffee shop/community gathering place at the beautiful Shrine of St Joseph, overlooking a gorgeous stretch of the Pacific in Santa Cruz.

Check out the youtube above and the Shrine Coffee crowd-funding website here. As you can see, this looks like a first-class operation.

Community gathering places--and great coffee to keep the conversation flowing--are just what we need.

Convert/conversation: same root word. Meaning, "turn around; send in a different direction."

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  1. I am very pro-shrine and very pro-coffee! This seems like a worthy endeavour. Community and conversation: all to the good!


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