Tuesday, August 25, 2015


FYI, here's a new webzine called Mind & Spirit, launched by Angelo Matera of the late, great GODSPY

An excerpt from their mission statement:

As we advance into the third millennium, it’s clear that people today are more confused than ever about the meaning of life, and how to find true happiness.

There are many explanations for why this is happening. But at Mind & Spirit, we’re convinced that the main cause is humanity’s flight from God.

This process began centuries ago, but has accelerated since the 1960s. It’s evident today not only in the increasing number of people who call themselves atheists, but also in the many more who limit their faith to the one day a week they attend worship services. The problem is not just unbelief, but that the divine presence is missing from modern life. God just doesn’t matter anymore.

Yes, religious fundamentalism is on the rise, especially in the Third World. But that’s mostly a last-gasp reaction against the powerful secular forces who dominate our globalized world and dictate the rules and values of our culture.

But there is good news. A small but growing number of people are discovering that life without God doesn’t make sense. They’ve discovered that our culture’s dominant philosophy, called “nihilism” – the idea that there is no universal, transcendent source of meaning and truth—leads to broken lives, and ultimately, a broken world. And they’ve discovered that it’s possible to combine strong religious faith—faith in a personal, loving God who is Father—with a total openness to reason and science, and the latest, proven practices in psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience.

I have a piece in there. It has "sex" in the title. Check it out!

pix from last summer's stay at eastern point retreat house in
gloucester, ma.
I didn't go home this summer!
and am homesick. 


  1. I am interested to read the webzine mentioned but both links take me to the older version Godspy. Can you help? Googling didn't get me there, at least in the first 50 or so hits. Thanks again for your blog.

  2. mindspirit.com takes me there, Brigitte. Thank you!


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