Tuesday, January 13, 2015


"In Bimini, on the old Spanish Main, a black girl once said to me, 'Those as hunts treasure must go alone, at night, and when they find it they have to leave a little of their blood behind them."
--Loren Eiseley, The Night Country

Health tip: when your little sister suggests tea tree mouthwash as an antidote to toothache, do not hunt down that little brown bottle of 100% tea tree oil in your medicine cabinet, think to yourself If mouthwash is good, the real undiluted stuff will be even better, and proceed to smear it all over the inside of your mouth for a few days.

Hardy soul that I am, that's what I did.

After a while I started thinking, That's weird, my lips are chapped. I wonder why?

Then I looked in the mirror and saw I looked like I'd had discount collagen implants.

Then the entire inside of my mouth started to basically blister.

Anyway, turns out tea tree oil is for external use only (who has time to read labels?)

So I've been in pain the last few days, and dosing with Benadryl.

Meanwhile, beautiful stuff pours over the transom: links, reflections, thank you notes.

Here, from Fr. Tom Hall, for example, is a piece called "Pope Francis's Stand on Climate Change is the Latest Battleground for U.S. Catholics," and another called "Vatican Panel Says Oscar Romero Was a Martyr."

So there's good news out there, too.

I'm preparing to move my living quarters for three months (at least) and the foundation of the house in which I currently live, as I'm sure I've mentioned way too many times, is being re-done.

I'm taking advantage of the disruption of my writing schedule to visit with friends and fellowship.

That's also good news.  


  1. Tea tree oil, sounds so naturally soothing, who'd have thunk it would burn your face off! So sorry you are in pain and I pray for your speedy recovery.
    Thanks for the links! :)

  2. On a positive note, coconut oil can be applied topically and ingested. It has - among other things - healing properties which may aid in the recovery of your mouth's blisters. It's gentle in it's healing too!


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