Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I'm looking forward to two fall trips to "The Heartland": one to Omaha, Nebraska for an October 25 Women's Day of Recollection, and another to Conception Abbey in Missouri to give a Day of Recollection for the seminarians (for more details, check out my Events Page).

I've also been noticing the days get shorter and look forward to my nocturnal winter forays through the streets of L.A. Have been somewhat obsessed as of late with telephone poles and wires which, tome, evoke The Crucifixion.

September 25 was the second anniversary of my mother's death. That and other things have left me feeling kind of sad and at loose ends and bereft. Also, major sleep disruption.

Well, join the human race!
And thank God for coffee.


  1. I think that you made a wise move, Heather. I hope they can/will make good on their promise.

  2. Praying for you to find a good work situation for your writing ministry. And I admire your graciousness towards Aleteia.

    NY Mom

  3. Your Aleteia pieces are my favorite, I hope they are able to get funds. I have been praying for your mom's soul since I learned of her death. She's probably already in heaven, but my mother once made me promise that I would never assume her soul was in heaven, but rather that she wanted me to assume she was in Purgatory so I would never stop praying for her to sooner see God. You and your mom are in my permanent purgatory and regular prayers.

  4. Heather, blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Mourning well takes some practice, which is no fun. But you will probably find a way to make it humorous. In the meantime, may the Lord open a door for you that no man can shut by reneging on promised compensation. Isaiah 22:22

  5. Sorry for your loss. I admire the fact that you acknowledge and feel your feelings, yet don't get mired in self-pity; something I have difficulty getting beyond myself. Bless you.

  6. I also lost my mother two years ago in September. I miss her too. My wife and I are returning from two weeks of Fall "color" in New England. I have 400 pictures...nobody wants to see your trip pcitures, but Mom would have sat and been interested in every photo and every commentary.

  7. Well that's a bummer about Aleteia. I hope things turn around on that one. Sorry you are feeling down and missing your mom. I will remember to pray for you dear Heather. Peace and all good, bren

  8. Dear Heather, I too enjoyed your writing for that outlet. A worker is worth their wage. You've made the right call. In short time your work was the only thing I read there. A***** became increasingly the-same-as other Catholic portals that do not interest me. It was impossible to isolate an rss feed to your articles. About May I unsubscribed and haven't been back but via your post links here.

    The Jazz standard says, "springtime, can hang you up, the most" but Autumn, with its sombre tones and shades of shades, is a rival. Memories of lost-loves add to that. I'll brew a good pot of Java this evening and think of you and brighter if shortened days.


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