Friday, October 24, 2014


Do I have a dream job or what?

For this week's arts and culture column, I did a story on my own brother. That's right. You've seen him before: commercial fishing Captain Geordie H. King of Eliot, Maine.

Geordie gave me a great interview, which you can READ HERE.

Afterwards, I thought of how every single person in my family, if you meet him or her, is cheerful, friendly, interested, courteous, and kind. They'll ask about you rather than talk about themselves. They'll be funny. They'll laugh at your jokes (up to a point), even if they're not funny.

And to a person, my family knows, recognizes, and loves a bluebird day.

We have always. always known that the ability to notice and remark upon a bluebird day is worth more than any amount of money.

I am off to Omaha, Nebraska this (Friday) morning!
Bizarrely excited to meet the women of the Heartland.


  1. We just drove across country East ( Metro West Boston ) to West (Sacramento ). North Platte Nebraska was a good stop- many tears at Mass at Saint Patrick's.
    I want to change the e mail address to which you send shirtofflame. How may I do this ?
    Tommaso, who walked the streets you did in the 70s, but did not go to bars. My drug was at the sub shop.

  2. Very nice interview with your brother Heather. I think being a fisherman would be a great life and have often thought how wonderful it might be to go out to sea on a fishing boat or a sailboat, even if just for an overnight, to experience the quiet, the solitude and the darkness of the ocean. We have a friend who is seventy years old and has sailed all of his life and every once in awhile, usually around my birthday, he will take us out for the day on his sailboat. I love it! Your brother Geordie sounds like a great guy and I especially liked his comment, “Fishermen are folks who like to go their own way, a lot of people work in an eight-story glass box. My office is the ocean." Sounds like a great life!


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