Thursday, August 28, 2014


Today I thought you might like to see a demonstration of my amazing inability to finish a sentence!

This is a talk I gave at Family Theater Productions right here in Hollywood, C-A, a few months back.

My theme: Be not afraid to look like a loser!

Good advice for all "creative" types. Or really, any of us.


  1. Awesome Aleteia piece, as usual! I had a class in college that was seminar style and examined the writings of great Catholic writers from Europe who brought about an intellectual revival through their writings. The class was tutored by a Dr. Leiva who asked us to meditate throughout the semester on the theme of the personal wound. We were to read the writer's works (like Alain-Fournier's 'Le Grand Meaulnes) and try to deduce what the author's personal wound may have been. It was fascinating! And the upshot of the class is just what your article so beautifully states: great art and thought is born of great suffering. My personal theory is that the more one loves, the more they are pushed out of "regular" culture until he or she can no longer see the world the way the world does. Good thing, for most likely that person now has a glimpse of the vision of God.
    By the way, that Dr Leiva was since divorced by his wife (much to his sorrow), has become a monk and priest and sometime contributor to Magnificat!

  2. Watched your video last night -you strike me more as the sweet girl in 'Parched' who used to like alcohol as much as I used to in college.
    Regarding "losers" and "winners", in grade school and high school I was, in the eyes of others, a winner, one of the cool kids. I still remember something I said to a classmate named Louis in grade school. He was a "loser" and what I said was so rude -it gives me shivers, and I said it in front of everybody in the class. I noticed at our 10 year reunion that so many of the supposed losers were those who grew up later well adjusted, while the "winners" were still trying to live off their good looks or smart mouths, shallow types. I pray often for Louis, never able to forget what I said to the very intelligent kid from a very broken family. Strange grace that I can now pray for hem for the rest of my life.

  3. Heather, you were made to write and you were made for God. And you can laugh at yourself. And I so appreciate these three things about you. When I heard the Tarkovsky quote, I thought... wow... that's the gist of what you are saying here, even without finishing your sentences... this quote truly fits you...

    "In order to be free you simply have to be so, without asking permission of anyone. You have to have your own hypothesis about what we are called to do, and follow it, not giving in to circumstances or complying with them. But that sort of freedom demands powerful inner resources, a high degree of self-awareness, a consciousness of your responsibility to yourself and therefore to other people." Andrey Tarkovsky


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