Friday, July 11, 2014


This week's arts and culture offering is on the ALOUD lecture series, headed up by the inimitable Louise Steinman, at the downtown L.A. Public Library.


Then join the Library Foundation of Los Angeles (or not)--and go.



  1. Beautiful sunrises! I'm sorry to say I'm not an early bird and miss this gift of God's. I read all your work, especially in Magnificat. Trust you are heard and are food for thought. I feel in our social media age, the ones with negative comments and dismal attitudes comment more than those touched and enlightened. St. Therese is my patroness, my hero, my friend... Praise Jesus for The Little Flower.

  2. Great article and photos! I'm a guy and as much as I like the pics of flowers, sunsets and the moon over a night cloud are unbeatable!
    The Aloud Series sounds very interesting...the only thing I didn't agree with was that the use of the library is free. It is free for those who go there (like me in my city) but I and others do pay for it through taxes. The Aloud Series is truly free (in all directions) since it is privately funded without the force of state compulsion. I wish everything was like that!
    But in the U.S. we have this strange right-left political paradigm that pits earners against non-earners, supposed givers (giving is not real if done under compulsion!) vs. supposed takers and pro-lifers vs. compassionate lovers of the downtrodden. These are all lies which, in my opinion, can be traced, not in the most remote sense, but at least politically, to the French Revolution which began the process of dividing good people among themselves, for the purpose of economic and political power.
    Prior to the Revolution, almost all institutions were run by either private initiatives or the Church (in Europe). But the Revolutionaries knew that these institutions must by force be put under the direction of the State if those in power wanted to keep that power. Taxation skyrocketed, the seven day week with the first being the Lord's Day was changed to a ten day week with only one day rest! And since that time the Church has declined in cultural and political influence as States rose in power towards all types of totalitarianism (even to the extent of state sponsored genocide!).
    I love libraries and I love pubs. When my little brother was at Oxford I went to visit him and save him at least temporarily from his homesickness. We shot over to Ireland, which half of our blood hails from, and drove the countryside visiting churches, pubs, Marian apparition sites and locals. Pub is just short for Public House and my brother and I showed our fellow Irishmen that Americans can throw mean darts and have plenty of fun doing so -even if we had no intention of trying to keep up with their drinking! And we also learned the pubs really were Public Houses: they'd have meetings over local issues, get together to play music (anyone who showed up with an instrument at any time would just sit and join in on whatever song was going when they arrived. It was wonderful.
    Things like this are almost unheard of in secular America, where a variation of the Revolutionary spirit of France has ruled. So it is nice to hear about the Aloud Series. Were I rich, I may start a private library where such things could take place while men smoked pipes (how else would you get them in?) and their wives put their kids on their laps so the moms could participate in the readings or music playing.
    In our ridiculous right-left, CNN-Fox, religious-secular paradigm such thinking is almost impossible. Good people have no true home and feel they must be pigeonholed into certain stereotypes that they should not challenge. And those who hold power -economic, political, cultural etc. know this very well. They must laugh at us as they watch us separate ourselves from each other to their retention of power.
    Only intrepid souls can break this tyranny, which is why I like this blog.
    Once we see the world more as the European medievals did, we will begin to see that our times are the real dark age. A period where the powerful run amok among weakened Churches and divided peoples.
    Thanks for the pictures Heather, it is a humanizing experience to drop in on your thoughts and loves!


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