Sunday, June 15, 2014


Every so often I get to go visit with my friend Judy, who's a landscape designer, and whose garden(s) have been a source of continuing surprise, delight and solace for most of my time in L.A.

Sunday afternoon I arrived in Beachwood Canyon to find a tray laid out, on a table in Judy's front yard, of cheese, quince paste, fig paste, Marcona almonds, green olives, and pink limonata. She'D culled a sheaf of clippings for me of things to do in NYC (where I'll be next weekend, holy God we praise Thy name, help me pack). We made a date for August 16th for bluegrass music at Huntington Gardens, and another for Rancho Los Alamitos October 19th to hear one of my heroes, food writer Jonathan Gold (and someone else) speak on "Urban Nature Isn't What You Think."

She told me about the Gardens of Alcatraz (Prison). (Who wants to fund a speaking trip to San Francisco sometime soon?).

After that she asked, "Now do you like seaweed?"
"Of of course!" I replied, and she whipped out another clipping entitled "The Forests of the Ocean," by a writer who "finds a convergence of art and science" in "unsung and neglected seaweeds."

But the best part of our visits is that they always wind up with a tour of Judy's garden. I wasn't planning on taking pictures, and these do not begin to do justice to the scope, variety, different sections, and genius design of Judith M. Horton. But the light was so beautiful I couldn't resist snapping a few.

I'll take more another time. But for now, these are some of the joys of Southern California, and of a friendship I treasure, in June.


  1. Thank you (and Judy) for these beauteous glimpses!

    Wouldn't "The Gardens of Alcatraz" make a good name for a band?

  2. Your garden is very nice. i like it much.


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