Sunday, May 4, 2014


People sometimes tell me they like my photos but my "secret," such as it is, is to live in L.A. and take all pix in sunset mode. The light in Southern Cal. makes just about anything look elegaic.

Minnesota has a whole other thing going on--there was a chance of snow last Friday--and I had lots of fun walking along the Mississippi. Peering at all the trees just coming into bud, I thrilled to spot each tiny jab of green.

I wore a hoodie, a heavy jersey, a long flowing gray garment, also with a hood, a heavy leather oilskin coat buttoned up to the neck, and a scarf against the bitter, 55-degree, penetrating cold.

The locals, on the other hand, are unimaginably hardy, the young girls skipping about in gauzy skirts, bare legs and sandals now that it's "spring;" the guys plowing boldly forth in shorts; and man, woman and child wearing at least one article of clothing identifying them as Twins fans.

I want to thank Pat Conley for making my morning at the St. Paul Cathedral go so beautifully, Ellen Roeser for ferrying me to a gorgeous Sunday Mass at the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel and breakfast after with the seminarians, and Timmy J. Smith, himself a seminarian at St. Paul's, who took me to Loome's Bookstore, bought me coffee, and shared, as always, the language of the heart.




  1. Thank you Heather for coming to visit us here in Minnesota. It was a gift to actually meet you. It was a beautiful morning for my friend Andy and I. I left Crosby, Minnesota at 5:00 am.... picked up Andy.... and we drove down to St Paul visiting the entire way (which is a treasure already ... to have that time with a friend). We were excited to get the chance to see you and hopefully to meet you. We arrived just in time for Mass...... and well....Mass was Mass... live-giving.... nourishing. After Mass we got to meet you for just a second downstairs as Pat was filling you in on the morning. Then we were lead in the rosary by a mother of one of our priests. Then you spoke to us about St Therese..... twice..... and your lessons/talks were very helpful for life. "If you are willing to bear serenely the trial of being displeasing to yourself, then you will be for Jesus a pleasant place of shelter." These words of St Therese were so beautiful as they echoed in the majestic Cathedral of St Paul. I wonder if those words had ever bounced off the walls of that place in such a way ... with such tenderness and with such magnetic force..... an attraction....
    Throughout the morning ....we were given some precious time in silence with the Lord and even got to go to confession! Afterwards, we got to meet you for a few moments and get our books autographed. ( seems like a silly thing .... you are so gracious.... it was a joy for us!)

    It was a glorious morning for Andy and I.

    We left the Cathedral at a noon...... and immediately drove home. Both of us were relatively quiet on the way home....... that says a lot about the morning....... it left us quiet .... yet..... more....

    Thank you!
    Your friend,
    Phil Mayer

    1. Phil, thanks so much! That was a treat to meet you and Andy over the book table and I'm so glad you had a good ride together, down and back...I spent the whole hour between talks in the sacristy, alone and in silence, and I felt the same way after: "quiet...yet...more." In fact, three days later, I still feel quiet! Looking out over a lake in Combermere, Ontario. Good to rest for a bit....Therese was with us. All peace and all good...

  2. yes, here in the midwest we are reveling in this spring weather. After our brutal winter, it is liberating. Glad you enjoyed the Twin Cities!

  3. I lived in NE for 38 years so I know well the jubilation of the first even marginally warm spring day. Spotted some forsythia along the Mississippi--first came the pussy willows in NH, then the forsythia, then the very familiar, the feel of the weather, even though we were of course Sox fans. Solid, decent people--that, too, felt familiar...thanks again for the beautiful welcome and stay.


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