Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The message of Jesus is folly, in human terms. Anybody who spoke like Jesus today would be considered mad, only good for a psychiatrist. His message is not for the wise; those who think that they have the power, strength and knowledge to transform the world will not understand that the folly of His message is the gift of the Spirit and the transformation of their hearts. The message is for the wounded and the little ones, the poor ones, those who are awaiting the liberator and the good news. The deeply wounded person will always recognise the liberator, because the presence of Jesus will free him, bring him peace and strength and courage, and although he cannot understand the meaning of the little piece of bread and the wine, he knows that he needs them to be transformed. 


  1. Jesus and what can be expressed, we find and always hope good things will come.

  2. Jean is spot on. P.S. "Stripped" arrived today, along with a skinny but my guess is meaningful "I live now; not I". Time to make a Poustinia so I can get them read.


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