Saturday, May 10, 2014


Traveling from St. Paul/Minneapolis to Combermere, Ontario took 13 1/2 hours, 10 1/2 of them spent on the way to, sitting in, taking off from, and landing in airports.

How sad that we distrust each other so. Picture ID, passport, boarding pass, twice (once in U.S., once in Canada) disrobing at security, take off your shoes, belt and jewelry, empty your pockets, laptop in a separate bin, liquid toiletries 3-31, turn around, go back through, X-rayed body cavities, control your luggage, do not speak to strangers, do not look another human being in the eye, where are you going, how long are you staying, what is your purpose here?

trees, from the back seat of Paul and Caitlin's car,
en route from the ottawa airport to combermere

I came to listen to the loons. Is that a good enough reason?


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  2. Heather, your travel experience made me laugh but also cringe as I know the reality of mistrust in our public lives. it is unsettling in every way. Thank God that Jesus was in your hands the day before. Perhaps that very reality keeps the airports safe from harm. It made me wonder how many passengers who received the body of Christ pass through an airport a day. Thinking of that number is encouraging. Oh and that last photo you posted inspires a painting within me, night blues with a bit of orange light,such a inspiration. Safe travels and prayers for your time away with others.

  3. Dear Heather,
    I love those photos. They are perfect descriptors. And I said an internal, "Yay!" when I saw the link to your Aleteia column. I'm really enjoying your writing there.
    Here's to a peaceful few weeks after so much travel.

  4. Hi Heather - I tried to comment a couple of days ago but my computer's a bit sickly...I hope you had a wonderful time in Combermere and I hope Caitlin said hello from me! It's a small world - I know Caitlin from years ago. Hooray for brothers and sisters...


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