Thursday, April 3, 2014


In Monterey recently, I made my way on foot to the Robert Louis Stevenson House. It wasn't open but there's a lovely, shaded, spacious garden out back with many nooks on which to sit on a bench and read about the South Seas or the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or come to think of it, a child's garden of verses...

The people at my talk at the Cathedral welcomed me so warmly and were so accommodating and kind it will take me at least three days of complete solitude to process. I'm deeply grateful to them.


  1. Glad you can sink into Lent after your presentation,. I am sure it was good . As one of your online readers far away from CA you and those you encounter are in my prayers. Someday perhaps our paths will meet. Our lives of faith will be intermingled during lent through the Holy Spirit and liturgies shared this Easter 2014. it is good to be centered at the lords altar. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom.

  2. Maybe you can stop at the Camaldoli Hermitage for a little respite on your way back. We often drive up to Monterey in summer and I've always wanted to stop but never have.

    Peace, brenda

  3. Thank you Maureen and Brenda! I once stayed at New Camaldoli for a week (in a hermitage, of course)-lovely. I won't stop there this time but if all goes well, I'll get to meet Fr. Michael Fish who lives or is affiliated there. Wishing you both a blessed Passiontide (my new favorite word)...


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