Saturday, February 22, 2014


Moyers Moment (1994): Pete Seeger on What it Takes to Change the World from on vivimeo.


  1. Thank you, Heather! We are "Pete" fans around here, and this song is one of our favorites. My own Pete stopped and came over just now as I played this clip. A few words come to mind: "steadfastness" and "obedience to his calling". Probably really the same thing. Year in, year out, he followed his calling. The music/artistic piece that intrigues me about Pete Seeger is that he found a way to interpret *tradition*, whatever you take that to be, for three more generations, often taking very old hymn tunes and turning them into new songs that continue to resonate into the 21st century. And he continually called people to find their voices and sing. Sing! How amazing is that, to call people to the joy of singing? I trust he rests in peace, forever singing his Maker's praises.

  2. Pete was a courageous man; a real hero

    Since love is Lord of Heaven and can I keep from singing... ahhh
    Enya sings an impossibly beautiful version of this great Hymn:

  3. Thanks, Mary Beth and Steve--for sure, a great man and a great song...


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