Thursday, February 27, 2014


my new desk, via my friend judy 

Do you all know of taskrabbit? You can get anybody to do anything: pack, clean your house, fix your plumbing, plan a party, take your stuff to the dump, deliver a dozen jelly donuts, drive you to the airport, transport a desk. You can post a price and the first person that meets it gets the job or you can accept bids. .

To that end, I hired a very nice "taskrabbit" (that's what they call themselves) named Ian to move this new desk.

No sooner did the beautiful new desk and matching little cabinet get set up than I decided to leave town for 10 days. .

So as of Thurs. morning I'm out in Palm Springs and I really feel that is best for everybody, including the entire city of L.A.
that panel underneath required two trips for the special hardware,
a phillips screwdriver, and a corner of my brain that blew up
as I was trying to put the thing together

this is the first time in twenty years I actually have a large, sturdy comfortable desk..
so far it is very well organized!


  1. Never heard of your helper taskrabbit, but I raised five helpers myself that do similar tasks. ;) They're great in a pinch! Congrats on your new desk, it looks perfect and very well organized, unlike mine. I'll pray that your respite in Palm Springs provides whatever it is you need right now. Good thing you left yesterday before the deluge; I had an appointment in Redlands this morning and as I was driving home was almost washed off the road as a turbulent gush of water roared across the road!
    Pace e Bene,

  2. Heather, you crack me up *almost* as much as you inspire me..... thanks for all the continued good food for thought. Great that I can never predict what you will write about next. Lots of inspiration....always! I am trying to "rassle" with my office that is currently out of control. A reflection of my interior life? Does Lent begin next Wednesday? And you are writing about an orderly, lovely, good space to think and read and write? A coincidence? I think not!

    Have you ever heard Harry Nielson's song "Good Old Desk" ? It supposed to be and acronym for God. Seems apropo.

  4. I'm a bit surprised when you said you didn't have a large desk for twenty years. Your desk space must've been quite cramped and full before, what will all the writing paraphernalia and stuff. Hopefully you'll be able to keep your new desk organized all the time. I never had a knack for doing that. Haha! So, how did the format turn out? Was the TaskRabbit guy worth it?

    Albert Andrews @ Pharaoh Manufacturing


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