Sunday, October 27, 2013


hallway to the underground theater...

In Phoenix for the weekend, Saturday I took myself over to Taliesen West, Frank Lloyd Wright's 500- acre compound winter digs.

St. Therese of Lisieux made it a policy never to complain but which is a pretty damn good policy.

Plus what ever would I have to complain about!  The longer I live, the more I see that, as Fr. Pat Dooling of Monterey says, Jesus spoils us...

one of the many reflecting pools at taliesen west


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    1. Completely! And my prayers for the discernment of her profession.

    2. This 17-year-old girl was reading Shirt of Flame and she "got" Therese of Lisieux!...

  2. Heather, I was in your audience at Xavier along with a group of friends (most of us a little too old to be the high school girls' mothers) who frequent your blog and appreciate your meditations in MAGNIFICAT. I was so grateful for the respectful way you took the tearful question from a mom in the audience. You were sensitive to her and love for the girls really came through. I also think it's amazing that you and I love the same saint when our backgrounds are disparate. I was initially attracted to Therese because I have always felt "spoiled" by all the love and grace I've been given and she describes herself the same way. I love seeing the different facets of her personality that she reveals to different friends. Thank you for sharing your relationship with her.

    1. Lani, bless you, and yes! This is the genius of the saints. They allow us to meet them where we are, no matter who we are. That would so be my struggle if I'd been born into "privilege": neurotic guilt...(Actually, that's my struggle, or one of them, anyway)...I'm so glad you were there Friday night--I very much felt the support and love of my Magnificat and other readers. My heart of course goes out to the girls. And already there are possible plans in the works for me to return next year...

      Oh those desert nights! The whole trip would have been worth if for the sunset I witnessed Sat. eve...


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