Sunday, October 13, 2013


Magnificat has put together a collection of the work I've done for them: Holy Days and Gospel Reflections.

Reflections on Lent, Advent, the Gospel of John, the Gospel of Luke, women of the Bible, Holy Days galore, all set against the backdrop of my humble little life wandering the streets of Silver Lake, going to Mass, and communing with my fellow drunks.

You can buy it HERE.

Here's the Foreword:

"To write for Magnificat is an assignment I didn’t expect and an honor I couldn’t have imagined.

Re-reading these three years’ worth of reflections was an interesting exercise. Often the writing seemed entirely new, as if written by another. Often, though I remembered the passage well, I choked up at my own words—not because the writing was so wonderful, but because in their rough way, the words reflected Christ.

I saw where I could have done better, where the writing and thought were clumsy. Afterwards, I sat at my desk and wept. I thought, They are like a lumpy, misshapen cake made by a child!

That’s not why I wept, though. I wept because they are still a cake. They are a cake and they are a cake that perhaps no-one else could have made. They are the fruit of having lost twenty years of my life to alcoholism, of having come to and finding myself with a law degree, of working as an attorney in Beverly Hills, of realizing I was not born for this. In spite of all my wrong turns, I had not lost my child-like heart. That is the surest sign of the Resurrection I know, and when I met the Christ of the Gospels and quit my job to begin writing, I staked my life to it.

Magnificat took a chance on me and I am profoundly, forever, grateful. “But who am I, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Elizabeth asked Mary, and that is very much how I feel: about Christ, about Mary, about the Church that has embraced me. Who am I that you should allow me to appear in your pages? Who am I that I should be given this incredible opportunity to spread the Gospels to the end of the earth.?

I have known for twenty-six year that my sobriety is an astonishing, miraculous gift. After seventeen years in the Church, it is just now beginning to dawn on me that everything is that miraculous, that astonishing, that unmerited. Everything—air, light, life—is that much of a gift."



  1. May you never lose your childlike heart.

  2. That glowing window (photograph) reminds me of a confessional grille! Beautiful preface, and congratulations!

  3. Congrats and best wishes..... I will purchasing later today :)

  4. Congratulations. Heather. I'm buying some copies for the family!

  5. Its a wonderful introduction and i would like to buy copies, too.

  6. May dearest Heather: I have to tell you, my friend, your words in Magnificat ALWAYS make me weep! You have done so much and done it well! Please, please continue to write with your heart and soul. Isn't God just so fabulous you can hardly stand it??? When you post "Who am I . . .", I get tears as it brings me to my own question as a catechist, as a member of my congregation, as an intercessor, as a person who people come to for wisdom!! HA! Wisdom indeed, my dear. Do not ever think you are not touching us, for sincerely, my dear Heather, you are, and more than you will ever, ever know. May God bless you and your book and I praise Him, my sweet Lord, for people like you who can write it, publish it and have it make sense so that we can have a piece of that cake!!

  7. Dear Heart Heather, Congratulations on this treasure from you & Magnificat. The cover is perfect as well. Much love & many blessings, Fr Patrick of Monterey

  8. I was so psyched to see this just this weekend when next month's Magnificat arrived in my mailbox. I ordered two copies this morning. One for me and one for my sweetie for his birthday. Congratulations!

  9. I bought two copies this morning, one for me and one for my sweetie for his birthday! I was so psyched when i saw it listed in the Magnificat bookstore brochure! Congratulations! I hope it is a runaway bestseller.


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