Saturday, September 21, 2013



  1. I believe this is one of your best photo sets yet, Heather! I so enjoyed meeting you at the Conference. You are just as lovely, inspiring and genuine in person as you are in your written words.

    I didn't have time for it during my presentation, but I want you to know that "Shirt of Flame" was a kind of 'supplement' to my successful therapy treatment over the past few months. You introduced Therese to me in a whole new way, and both she and you have helped me face myself -- 'the good, bad, and ugly' -- in the uphill struggle through counseling. While others' books encouraged me to recognize my woundedness and seek counseling in the first place, your voice in "Shirt of Flame" became a friend who helped me recognize my worth. As you said in your talk on Saturday, I also struggle(d) with placing my value in accomplishments; an awful attitude to begin counseling. (My thought: "What happens if I have to seek a therapist my whole life? What a loser I'll be.")

    Through "Shirt of Flame" however, I learned that my value does not come from my accomplishments but through my being created in the image of God. That idea had been a theological 'thought-cloud' in my head, but your writing made it rain on me and I felt it, and I KNEW it. So, I know I didn't get to see you much this weekend, but I wanted to share that with you somehow. I'm very grateful, and I owe you a ton.

    Thank you for joining us this weekend. As Nan said, you came as a speaker but you're leaving as a friend.

  2. Angela, bless you! I am back safely and madly "processing" and will post a bit more fully tomorrow. Such an overwhelming experience for me and yet another reminder that we are really, REALLY not in charge. Not in charge of the fruits of our labor, not in charge of how things "should" be or how people (first and foremost ourselves) "should" change, or when, or how...Long live Therese, I'm so glad for your own journey, and a thousand thanks for welcoming me so warmly to San Antonio....


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