Saturday, August 3, 2013


Sunday morn I'm off for a road trip in my new vehicle!

Above is part of what I'm leaving behind for a couple of weeks: The Café Tropical where I have had many enjoyable tête-à-têtes.

Below is where I'm going: Our Lady of the Redwoods Abbey in Whitethorn, California, which is way up in (famous for pot-growing) Humboldt County.


  1. Ah, Heather, you've instilled those Cistercian yearnings in me! Of your charity, pray for a poor sinner, and give my love to the nuns!

  2. I'll certainly be praying for you! Me and my son are off on a week long family pilgrimage to Walsingham-England's Nazareth as it's known. A week camping in the fields. Can't wait and will pray for you and all your readers! God bless

  3. Hello Heather: You may not be lolling in the pool, spa scrubs or shopping, but you will be lolling in the Savior's love, being scrubbed hard by the Almighty and I hope you'll be shopping for what you need (or He needs from you!) in prayer and meditation. That video is fabulous. What a group, huh! If you drive through Coleville and Williams on 395, drop in say hi to my daughter Kathy and her guy, George. They own the Toiyabe Motel and would love to meet someone who Mama talks about all the time! HA! Have a wonderful time, Heather. I will be praying for you. Wish I was there with you. Please, please tell us all about it when you return and enjoy you car!! Blessings from Texas.

  4. Count on it! We'll be praying for each other.

  5. Heather, praying for your safety in traveling along the way. Whoever you meet or do, may it be divine appointment. May you be blessed!

  6. "...monastic life - the finding of yourself in God." I like it!

    Praying that you will have good times of silence, listening, and joining with the community in prayer.

  7. Hi Heather! This is my first visit to your blog.

    Hope you have a wonderful, reflective vacation. You certainly did pack a shiny soul, all ready to absorb whatever God has planned for you. I know that the Lord is smiling in anticipation of seeing you in the quiet places.

    Nice to meet you!

  8. I found your blog in the middle-of-the-night when I couldn't sleep. I'm so inspired! Hope you have an invigorating trip!


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