Tuesday, July 30, 2013


You may remember George Goss as the young man (30 years old) from NYC with whom I recently posted a little Q and A [Part 1 and Part 2].

Anyway, George is a photographer with a masters from the School of Visual Arts. I was so moved by this series of monk-farmers and animals that I asked if I could share them with my readers.

Here's the backstory:

"I came to Weston Priory for a week-long retreat after breaking up with my fiancée. We were in a relationship for over two years, and after Pre-Cana counseling (marriage preparation) with my pastor it became clear to me that the wedding in September was not going to happen.

The time spent with the Benedictine monks of Weston, Vermont was the perfect antidote. It granted my mind a rest from the constant questioning of if breaking off the engagement was really the right move. Along with two other young men on the retreat I was able to enter into the rhythm of the community: waking up early (around 4:00) and throughout the day helping with chores such as baling hay, cleaning out the sheep barn, clearing brush, and stacking firewood.

Before traveling up to the Weston Priory from New York City I needed to decide what camera to bring: my cumbersome digital Nikon D700 or my lightweight Nikon FM2 film camera. Both have their merits. Since I was not required to “get the shot,” I opted for the FM2. It gave me the freedom to photograph the moments without worrying about what the results were."

"I was also lucky to come at a time soon after a mother rabbit gave birth. It was dark inside and I was without a flash so I opened up the aperture all the way and set the shutter speed for a long exposure. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be enough light or if I would be able keep the camera steady enough. That’s pretty much been my experience with photography, I never quite know if I have the shot or not."


  1. These are really beautiful. You get such a sense of the spirit and feel of the community. Thank you for sharing!

    Does George sell copies of his photos? I'd love the one of ferns and wild daisies for my office.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you George and Heather

  3. Aren't they incredible? Charity, you can reach George through the contact info on his website: george.goss@yahoo.com

  4. Thanks for posting this. I have been to Weston Priory often. I have many wonderful memories of praying with the monks as the sun rose over the Green Mountains and of praying with them at the beautiful liturgies celebrated. It is a place of peace and prayer.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I have many beautiful memories of praying with the monks as the sun rose over the Green Mountains, and also being at Mass with them. The best memory was being there on the feast of St. Benedict once. Weston Priory is a place of peace and of prayer.

  6. Those bunnies! George, the photos are beautiful.
    I visited the Weston Priory in the 70's, my family had all the albums the monks of the weston priory made. To this day I sometimes find myself humming one of those songs.


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