Sunday, July 14, 2013


“Events are not successive but contemporaneous in an absolute way: contemporaneous and simultaneous, and that is why prophets are possible. Events unfold themselves before our eyes like an immense canvas. Only our power of vision is successive.”
--Léon Bloy

"The term we are looking for might perhaps be found in Proust. He has characterized as 'instants of eternity', of perpetual adoration, those moments when man succeeds in 'fixing the time which nothing fixes.'

Yet it is less a question of 'fixing the time' than of passing to its frontier or beyond it.

'I have gathered the smallest atoms of time into ever-more-substantial textures,' wrote Mallarmé. To give substance to that thin thread of water or sand that runs between our fingers--that is our sole problem. It is this that inspires the mystics, as it inspires the poets. 'The contemplation of time is the key to human life,' says Simone Weil.'"
--Philippe Diolé, The Most Beautiful Desert of All

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."
--Albert Einstein


  1. I guess Heaven is when you see everything that ever happened and is happening and will happen and you get to see everyone that ever lived and died and will be born. I don't know how we can stand it but if God gives us eternal life we'll never be bored. So much for sitting on clouds and playing harps. We'll be crazy in love with God and each other forever and ever.

  2. I especially like the first and last photograph. It's hard to believe the first isn't a photograph from Autumn, and the last is just breathtaking. Blessings to you, Heath'!

  3. "God carved time out of eternity." Charles Peguy

  4. Lovely, all, thanks--I just added another quote from a book I'm reading (old book, got out of library) called The Most Beautiful Desert of All...(the Sahara, early 1920s)...

  5. Beautiful, thank you. And I like how you link to Albert Einstein's wiki, ha. (Though I'm sure there's plenty in it that I don't know.)

  6. I meant to mention also, that I like the new look of your blog. I too just switched my background to a solid white. Keeping' it classy!


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