Sunday, May 5, 2013


Recently I gave permission to re-post a piece of mine.
"367 likes!" my contact person e-mailed back.
"That's great," I replied.
And ever since, I've been thinking: Wouldn't it be great if just one person liked Christ?


  1. Heather,
    Walking around the park yesterday, I saw two older women wearing matching purple coats. The first time I passed them I thought they were Jehovah witnesses or something. The second time I passed them, I realized that they were simply happy, and I decided to ask them what is the source of their joy, but as I rounded the lake again, I noticed that they were gone.

  2. Fantastic, Fred! That purple is a dead giveaway. For sure, Christ....

  3. Fred, my dad's favourite colour was lavender. {you can't know but that is fraught with irony}. :)

    Dear Heather,

  4. Heather, I'm always thinking that. Even and especially in the way that's "Why can't I like Him?" Or at least "Why can't I act like I like him?" :)

  5. "Or at least "Why can't I act like I like him?" :)" Perfectly said.

    The N.E. is certainly one of the hot topics of recent years. The whole thing might be less necessary had we all been focusing on acting like we live Him. I sometimes need to remind myself these days that while I converted to the Catholic Church in 2006 I first converted to Christ in (gasp) 1979. How much like have I lived in those years? Is being a Catholic making me a better liker of Jesus? Tough questions.

  6. But more than one person does "like" Christ.....?

    And I think the 367 likes your post received probably came because your posts typically shine and point to Christ...


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