Saturday, March 2, 2013


My friend Ellen sent these recent pix from Bethel, Maine. Apparently the folks there have come up with the idea to build a wood frame, coat it with snow, and from inside somehow light the thing on fire.

From the Sunday River Events Guide for Saturday, February 16:

"Sno-cano Eruption 6:30 p.m.The Sno-cano has been building in size all winter long and its time for it to erupt! The Sno-cano is just one of many events planned for Bethel Winterfest for more information click here.

Here's another shot, from the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce FB page:

One spoilsport comments: "Seriously? All we saw was a black cloud of toxic smoke for over 30 minutes and a lot of disappointed children." .

Apparently there are variations in spelling, including sno-cano,  snowcano, and snow-cano.

Here are some folks who tried it at home:

Personally, I prefer to bask in the healing rays of the sun. But it's fun to know how the other half lives! Thanks, Ellen...

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  1. I love the snow, I love to ski. But there comes a point at which you say " no more" , I'm ready for Spring!


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