Thursday, March 28, 2013


Holy Week is upon us.

Good Friday at 3 I'll be downtown, joining the L.A. Catholic Worker for the anti-war Stations of the Cross. They carry a giant wooden cross through the business district, stopping in front of banks, office buildings and courthouses  to pray.

Before that I will have attended the noon Good Friday service at the Cathedral with, among others, the people who WORK in the banks, corporate offices and courthouses....

Thus in some small way I will cover all bases and be with all people, as Christ was.

I'm sure the day of the actual Crucifixion was very much like today will be.

People thinking, God, I hate when they do executions on Friday: all the money-lenders close down and I can't get cash for the weekend.

People grousing, "Man, when is this gonna be over already, I'm starving!"

People jeering, "Here come the do-gooders; look at that Veronica with her corny veil"...


  1. Yes, chaos reigns on Good Friday much like it did on the very day our Lord was crucified. Watched the last 15 mins. or so of "The Passion" and it came to me all the stuff I read today about Papa Francis's visit to the Detention Center for Youth. I applaud it but not impressed by all the negative remarks from folks who call themselves Catholic.
    Anyway, I remembered all that while watching them crucify the Lord and I had to stop and pray for Papa Francis. I plan to retire from certain blogs and get back to trying to fulfill my daily duty. I want to live in peace and in faith amid the noise and clamor of the unsatisfied in this world of ours.
    A blessed and holy Easter to you and yours.

  2. This kind of carping, nitpicking, profoundly un-Christlike (if for no other reason than that people with any kind of joyful, toward-the-light lives would not waste one second writing, reading, or responding to such dreck)criticism of the VICAR OF CHRIST for heaven's sake washing the feet of the poor is precisely (along with the fact that I spend enough time in front of a computer screen as it is) why I read precious few "Catholic" blogs. Kim Luisi's Faith, Fiction and Flannery...Philomena Ewing, Owen Swain and I know many others, some of whom are on my sidebar, are actually grounded in a love for, and desire to deepen our lives in, Christ.

    The first order of the day is to admit our brokenness. "Well people don't need a doctor; sick people do"...Until then, nothing happens. We have nothing interesting to offer or say and so we pick at each other...

    Speaking of brokenness, here's the link (courtesy of the good Kevin Funnell) to a wonderful Good Friday post from a woodworker:

    1. I agree. Last night, in prayer, I laid each and every one of us at the foot of the cross asking our Lord to help us, to heal us, to pick us up. I will look into the blogs you have listed but for now, prayer and silence and work!
      Thank you and God bless you for your words!

  3. I believe birdsong is the answer to just about everything.

  4. Heather, I smiled when I read that admitting our brokenness is the first order of the day. It reminded me of the time I spent volunteering at The Hermitage (a Mennonite Retreat Center in SouthWestern Michigan). Each morning after a liturgical or contemplative prayer the directors and I would spend an hour doing what we know as "calling order to the day." We talked logistics of the day, but most impressionable, we were intentional about acknowledging what we needed of the day as well as what we could bring to it. Isn't that a beautiful practice? I hoped to continue calling order to my day upon leaving The Hermitage, but have not yet done so. Although nothing's been said about it, I can imagine Jesus sitting with His disciples, calling order to each day... not that Jesus of course didn't already know how the day would pan out!

  5. I was at Good Friday services yesterday and two women were discussing quietly about the collection for the Holy Land-who was going to do each section of the church. Well, there was one women who nastily said: "such distractions, who can pray?"
    Sometimes, you have to wonder-why they attend church with that kind of attitude.
    Sometimes, I want to slug people like that! I restrained myself and immersed myself in the service.

    A joyous Easter to you Heather.

  6. I learned from somebody somewhere that babies' cries/noise in church is their prayer/ lending their voices in praise.... sure helps me think of them as participating instead of being annoyed. This saved me through our lengthy Good Friday service- very well attended- when babies "punctuated" the service. Of course, I began to wonder why anyone would bring a young child to this service, but seeing the look on the face of a little girl who had just done what her mother did- kissed the cross- priceless!

    Happy, joyful Easter, dear Heather, and all you Readers!

    My fridge smells wonderfully of the garlicky kielbasa we will be having for brunch tomorrow....hope you are looking forward to some equally tasty feast!

  7. Dear Heather and Others,
    Thanks for your comments. I can so identify....prior to the Good Fri service my 11 yr old daughter and I were " cut off" in line for confession. We did not make it in. As irked as I could have been (and normally would have been), I could not be irritated! Told daughter maybe they needed to get in more than us. Hehehe
    In the spirit of Easter, I could only smile and let it go ( by the grace of God)
    Happy Easter All,


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