Sunday, February 17, 2013


We now have ultra-marathons, cave diving, freeflying, and extreme surfing.

Here's a sport more up my alley: Extreme Ironing. I'm not even kidding! Check it out....



  1. After a few seconds of observation, the LOCATION for this derring-do got blurred by the COMPLETE INEPTITUDE. This man is an ironing-illiterate.

  2. One question: where is it plugged in?

  3. Have to agree with RR on this one. A modicum of technical expertise should be required, regardless of the venue, before taking one's show on the road.

  4. I can't really iron at all and always end up laying the item on the floor, scorching half. and leaving the other half full of wrinkles.

    Good question: where IS the thing plugged in?

    I consider getting out of bed in the morning an extreme sport and am flooded with such a terrifying rush of adrenaline uponsimply oh, say, getting my hair cut or purchasing gas that I just don't get why anyone would want/need MORE adrenaline...

  5. Someday I'll walk you step by step thru an ironing tutorial; similar to my under appreciated effort with your filing cabinet sometime back.

    Did I get the semicolon right in that first paragraph?

  6. I have never understood HOW one irons! I somehow make MORE of a mess of my clothes after ironing than they were before. Therefore, I steam my wrinkled clothing on a hanger in my shower instead. Not quite the same, but it'll HAVE TO BE good enough. :)

  7. The easiest way to iron in 3 steps:

    1. Put item of clothing on.

    2. Use a spray bottle filled with water and mist the clothing.

    3. Pull down till wrinkles disappear.

    4. Voila!

  8. Dear Heather,
    I *so* wanted an 18 wheeler with no driver in it looking for Dennis Weaver to suddenly come out of nowhere and iron that silly man.

  9. I love ironing!

    Maybe it's because it was my job growing up to iron my dad's and my brother's shirts every Saturday. I would set the ironing board up next to the radio and sing along with all the latest tunes. And I got very good at it -- the ironing, that is.

    Also, one of the best things about ironing is the lovely fresh smell that comes when the heat hits the steam. And the lovely creases on the pillow cases.

    And I’m with you, Heather, about not needing anything more extreme that doing the mundane to get an adrenaline rush. ;-)


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