Saturday, December 8, 2012


driving home from Mass at St. Dominic's (Vigil for the Immaculate Conception)
along the Silver Lake Reservoir

silent night by the harmonizing four. shut your eyes to avoid cheesy visual element.


  1. I love the almost abstract patterns of light in your photographs -- et lux in tenebris lucet!

    It's 2.22 am in Arlington, Sunday morning. A silent night that magnifies what little sound there is: the relentless march of the ticking clock on the kitchen wall.

    And for a whole host of reasons, it's immensely consoling to know that the saints in heaven are praying this night and always for all poor strugglers, stumblers, sinners here below.

    And so, Advent continues, with the promise of the Light (we pray) a bit stronger as each hour passes. Thank you, Heather, for what you do to magnify that light.

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  3. Heather I like your pictures of the alien landing lights coming in! Or could this be something like what the angels saw in the fields late that Night !?

  4. I see the ghost of Anais Nin! :)


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