Monday, November 12, 2012


From reader Marilyn Crawford of Raleigh, NC:

Hi Heather - I actually had to quit watching TV about 4 months ago. I spent the month before the election working on canvassing my neighborhood and worked 8 hours at the polls on election night. I woke up the 'day after' thinking I would be quite 'down' and instead my first thought was ...'but we are Easter people'. I have no idea why that popped into my brain, but this chatter is not what matters. One of my husband's clients called and wanted him to bring the paperwork to her house to sell all her investments.

Since this client is also a good friend of mine, a much older lady who has spent MUCH too much time watching the news this past view years, I told my husband "tell her that we are Easter people." He was mystified but did - she decided not to sell her investments and calmed down. I spent an hour at Adoration Wednesday evening and all in all it was a terrific day.

I have come to realize that 'practicing Catholic' doesn't mean showing up for Mass once a week, but its more like practicing the piano - the more you do, the more it becomes a 'part' of you - all day, every day.

Life is strange, but beautiful.


The other day, late afternoon, I was walking along Sunset Blvd.
near the 99-Cents Only store in Silver Lake when I looked up at the palm trees and
for a second thought they were draped with tinsel. It was "only" the sun,
gilding the edges...


  1. Dear Heather,
    The two best things I’ve read (caveat for your readers – I am not an American citizen) are
    Electoral Shock Therapy from the Dominicana blog.

  2. Opps, I must have written the first link wrong as only one of the two best things read appears above. I'll try again: The Church Will Survive the 2012 Election ... hope that worked.

  3. Thank you for the reference, Owen. Here's the link.

  4. Oh, thanks mojavehicular,

    I knew the Crossed the Tiber link didn't work but I had not realized the Dominican blog link also failed. Man, you'd think I was a newbie. Multitasking painting, reading and being a online a bit.

    Thanks for catching that link correction.

  5. Man, I'm so busy and harried, I don't even think to look up and see the trees and flowers and blue sky. Thank you for your exquisite photos to help remind me of these free gifts right outside.

  6. Tinseled palm trees and Easter People, BLAM !...into my pewter
    Michigan sky transforming Gerard Manley Hopkings and Hans Christian
    Anderson from the November shadows.
    Thanks for your vision.


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