Saturday, July 14, 2012


St. Catherine's Lace
this isn't Judy's--
hers was even prettier, but I didn't have my camera

I'm house-sitting in the Hollywood area.

Yesterday I set out for a walk toward Bronson Canyon and decided to see whether there was a back way to Beachwood, the next canyon west. Amazingly, after many twists and turns, I landed on upper Cherimoya (I could have just walked down to Franklin, a main commercial drag, and gone north on Beachwood Drive, but that would have been too easy) and ended up paying a semi-surprise visit to my landscape designer friend Judy.

Judy fed me a brownie from Joan's on Third, and a green tea, and showed me her ever-spectacular hydrangeas, bromeliads, and a stunning stand of St. Catherine's lace.

I got lost coming back.

back of HOLLYWOOD sign
photo: Geoff Cordner

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  1. Heather those flowers are stunning.
    It sounds as those this house sitting is relaxing and peaceful for you.

    Paul Celan-brilliant poet and a suicide. Surviver's guilt?


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