Wednesday, May 16, 2012


In May, 2010, I found myself tooling up the Gulf Coast Highway in Texas listening to this Nanci Griffth tape I'd had for ages.  Route 77, the leg I was on, is apparently a major drug-, gun-, money-, poached game- and people-running corridor.

I didn't see a ton of bluebonnets but it was a thrill to actually be in the place the song was about.

"And when he dies 
he says he'll catch some blackbird's wing
Then she will fly away to Heaven, 
come some sweet bluebonnet spring"...


  1. I think you might like this:

  2. I saw, the other day, that after 17 years Bonnie Raitt has released a new album! Good, good, good. Also got acopy of her "best of", 18 cuts. So, so good made me remember how much I liked her. Very similar to your girl in this post! That good ole blues!

  3. Mary, yes! I grew up with Bonnie--and Chip, I finally had a chance to watch this incredible film. Larissa is Mary at the foot of the cross, was all I could think...the passage from John Piper was lovely as well. Thanks so much for passing this on...


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