Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm entering Week Two of five weeks in Palm Springs.

The other day,  kneeling at Our Lady of Solitude after the Eucharist, I suddenly became mesmerized by the weave of the cushion cover in the pew in front of me. Nothing special, a run-of-the-mill piece of upholstery, but I started thinking of how if all the lines were either vertical or horizontal, you'd fall through....whereas the  intersection of the vertical and horizontal,  woven under and over, make a net, or a strong piece of cloth, or probably all kinds of things I don't know about (cell structure, for example) or couldn't think of.

Hence, the cross....

The very next day I noticed a couple of pieces of fallen palm tree husks in the pool of the house where I'm staying. So I went and fished them out and put them on the side of the pool and studied them in the sun, very beautiful deep brown with dark red undertones, then floated them back in the water...and by golly if the good Lord doesn't weave together a palm tree!

That last one looks very much like the "scarf" I'm knitting...


  1. Please please please please pleaase write a post about tennis!! It'd be like my two favorite things coming together... Also I can't believe the coincidence but my college tennis team is in California for this week for spring break and they're going to Indian Wells at some point (I missed the trip cut off line by a spot). I could've run into you somehow! Crazy...

    Instead I'm on an alternative spring break with an interfaith group which is very interesting in its own right... Anyways my friend Ian says what's up.. he's Jewish and we talk about religion and philosophy a lot and I mention your writings sometimes.

  2. Heather- Did you enlighten us about this?

    Rose xx

  3. Heather, you see with the heart, good "eye". Very cool tree pics. Enjoy your pacing. When I used to run marathons, my mantra was "start out slow, and taper off." Maybe you and Robert will discover the "Inner Game of Tennis" (when we don't need anyone to tell us we just hit the ball right, we "just know"). Inner game of writing. Inner game of life. Enjoy.

    Blessings on your lenten journey,

    John W. White
    Purcellville, VA

  4. The better to make a thatched roof with..
    Pat Pulliam

  5. I, for one, have been doing my best to help you make more money. I started Parched about 5 days ago and am now in the middle of Redeemed. I'm sure that in the next couple of days, I'll be buying and Poor Baby.

    The chapter about your Father's death is one of the most powerful things I've ever read.


  6. Oh thanks, Janet, and everyone else--everyone in my life, including my readers, are beyond's always a matter of opening myself more, of being more humble and more clear, of letting go of all self-pity, resentment, self-righteousness, of not insisting on thinking that I am impulse is always to hoard, out of fear that there won't be enough, or that I'll have to do work that I hate (which I did for years...). So it seems me always come around to the same blocks, the same areas in which we need to let go and be willing to have a different experience and trust....TRUST!...ARRRGGGHHHH....

    Robert, thanks for the nudge: I am going to post an essay I wrote years ago and never published and had forgotten about re tennis...meanwhile, have you seen/heard this?

  7. Also, no, Rose, I didn't enlighten you all, but I know a reader sent on a similar link several months back...laminin...there you go!

  8. Ha, I will be in Indian Wells next week to visit the in-laws. It's one of my favorite places in the world. I love the juxtaposition of the palm trees, snow capped mountains, rocky hills, lush green grass and flowers. This time I'm hoping to visit Joshua Tree. I figure there are only so many times one can take the tram up the mountain. Have you gone to the church that Frank Sinatra helped built in La Quinta? I think it's called St. Francis. It's beautiful.

  9. Well, it's like climbing up a mountain. You think you've licked something--money in this instance--so you go further along the path, but when you get back around to that side of the mountain, there it is waiting for you, only higher up--or sometimes maybe lower down. These mountain roads are tricky.


  10. Ah, making more money! Oh, yes.
    Networking, tv, radio and sometimes,you have to without compromising yourself,introduce yourself to people, you may dislike.

    I like the art effects of the husks. You have a terrific eye with sense and shape. Heather King, photographer. Enter a photo contest or two.


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