Sunday, December 25, 2011


First, you have to understand the kind of family I come from.

You know how most people in a “gift exchange” set a maximum, as in, say, Nothing over 50 bucks? Well in my family we set a minimum. Come ON, you have to fork out at least 5...

Well when I was married there used to be this great store up on La Brea Avenue near Fountain called Bargain Circus. Russians ran it, and they had all kinds of great "specialty foods" for dirt cheap. So every Christmas my ex-husband Tim and I would take separate trips there and buy a big bag apiece of food and wrap the stuff up for our stockings. It was a blast, especially as we both liked to cook. We bought regular presents, too, but we also did the stockings first, and it was really the best part of Christmas morning. 

Well one year we got invited for Christmas dinner to some friends of Tim's who lived in Beverly Hills. The guy was in real estate, very nice couple, but with money obviously. So we get over there and the guy had bought his wife a diamond tennis bracelet and she'd bought him a Mercedes SUV, and after awhile they asked, "So what did YOU two get each other?"

"Oh all kinds of things!” I replied eagerly. “A tin of anchovies. A bottle of capers. A box of kasha"....

Silence. Finally, the husband said, "Kasha?"  

"Oh that's not all," I assured him. "Then there was the small stuff."




    Terrific post. Ok, the diamond bracelet would be nice-but, if someone gave me one today, I might sell it to pay bills. I think what you and Tim gave to one another was a lot more meaningful. Have a terrific dinner.

  2. Didn't Flannery O'Connor amke a comment about rag pickers in a letter to Eric Lankgeir (sp?)? ;-) Anyway, it looks a very nice skirt. Nice post as usual Heather. Happy & Blessed Christmas to you.

    Stephen Sparrow

  3. Thanks, all, hope you had a beautiful Christmas, and now on to the new year...

    I don't know of the F. O'Connor ragpicker comment, Stephen, let me know if you find it....

  4. Page 936 O'Connor Collected Works Library of America. "I told you that boy wouldn't enjoy being a ragpicker." Said by Regina O'Connor to Flannery about Erik Langkjaer in Flannery's letter to him on the occasion of his engagement to be married. No Heather if certainly doesn't apply to you ;-)

    Stephen Sparrow

  5. You did well to find that, thanks, Stephen. And not to worry: I never take offense at being called a ragpicker myself!...

  6. Funny thing Heather I came on holiday with two books - New Testament & Psalms (RSV) & O'Connor's Collected Works. I picked up O'Connor to find that latter & it fell open exactly at that page - coincidence ???

    Stephen Sparrow


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