Friday, December 9, 2011


I don't want to brag, folks, but I have always suspected I have a unique window onto "the other world."

Also not to brag, I come from the great state of New Hampshire, where in 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by extraterrestials.

Anyway, the other night I went to Our Lady of Good Counsel for the 5:30 Feast of the Immaculate Conception Vigil Mass, after which I decided to take a nocturnal stroll in the hills above Los Feliz Boulevard.

SUPER rich people live up there, and the streets are deserted and dead quiet.

So there I was, walking along, sunk in thought among the mansions--when suddenly I looked up at the sky and TOTALLY saw a flying saucer.


  1. Ha. Goodyear blimp, flying out of Irwindale. You crack me up, Heather.

  2. Somebody take away her camera.

  3. Heather, are you all right?



  4. Not to worry, folks, I am fine! As soon as this little green man gets out of the bathroom, in fact, I am going to take a shower...

  5. I warned you about that broccoli ...

  6. hahaha...keep climbing...strange enough funny that happens to never know...inspiration:all comes to you on plate-served...when you're 'open'...still very funny...

  7. It was Brussel sprouts you warned me off of Erin--this COULD be the backlash!

    And Stana, welcome aboard--do you mean you're a Croat IN Ireland, or you're in a town/city called Croat, Ireland? If the latter, I searched but could not find...Anyway, thanks for the greetings, all. And I am kind of stumped cause I truly thought this thing--it was not the Goodyear blimp--would be in the news and the whole city would have spotted it but apparently no-one did, not even the UFO sites...

  8. Oops, so it was. Divine backlash, though? Don't you think that's a little strong? Just because I was the only one with enough moral courage to call your attention to a situation with potentially disastrous consequences for the tenuous fabric of your holiday social gathering? And all without a bit of self-righteousness or pride on my part ... if I do say so myself.

    Don't worry, I forgive you.

  9. Thank you again for sharing your is a thin line in between been cloistered-open...I've heard of your new book on Fr. Barron's portal...and also found about him, just recently...I'm enjoying in reading you and can understand it so quietly...even that strange funny object scene...
    I'm Croatian nationality(from around Medjugorje) living in Ireland(very small town Lismore) with my husband and little daughter...God bless!

  10. .... once returning home around 8 p.m. from a end-of-season soccer party (grade school) with my family we saw something in the sky that bewildered all of us. I was the first to see the 'lights' as our car climbed the mountain road to our gated community. When my spouse asked what I was looking at, I pointed to the very large and still lights above the neighborhood entrance. As we went through the gates we all decided to pull the car off to the side and stop ... everyone was looking through open windows in amazement. 5-huge perfectly round lights formed an 'h' with its center (the 5th light) being ruby red. There was no sound, no halo around the lights, and they seemed to hang several yards above the Southern Pines. We saw absolutely no body (vehicle) attached to them. It was the weirdest thing. I almost got out of the car but the children were too afraid I might not return. We drove the car to the road behind the grove of trees to get a better look with some of us keeping an eye on the sky for movement. When we arrived behind the grove, there was nothing and we saw nothing leave the area. It was as if the lights just were turned-off.

    When we arrived home we all drew what we saw and I filed those drawings away. My spouse and I talked about it that evening speculating on what we might have witnessed ... there was a major military aerospace facility about an hour away ... but if it was from there, we wondered what in the world were they doing hanging out over the homes? But then again... The one question that was raised and perhaps more importantly than, "what was it", was, "why were we allowed to see it?"

    Your pictures reminded me of that evening ... (LOL)


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