Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am preparing for my trip from L.A. to New Mexico, which begins Saturday.

I have taken lots of road trips and always feel ridiculously excited, and a little bit scared, and somehow also a little bit solemn. All travel to me is part of a larger pilgrimage and has deep metaphysical significance and entails the undertaking of various kinds of danger and the certainty of at least one kind of death (and we hope, resurrection) because when you return, even if the trip was only for a week, you are not the same person you are when you left.

You have been changed, somehow, even if you can't see or feel the change.

I bought my trusty '96 Celica in 2001.

Together we have been to the coast of New Hampshire and back; through Yellowstone, Cody, Wyoming, and to the South Dakota Badlands and back; to the Gulf Coast of Texas, the Natchez Trace to Nashville, and on to Spencer, West Virginia, and back; and twice so far to Taos, New Mexico, so this will be the third time I've made that particular pilgrimage.

That's not counting the countless trips to the Central Coast of California, the wine country, the Anza Borrego desert outside San Diego, and Sonoran Desert.

I've had several automobile mishaps over the years, most notably, perhaps, the time en route to a retreat at a Cistercian convent in Sonoita, Arizona, that my radiator blew at some God-forsaken rest stop on the 10, I had to pay $175 bucks to be towed to the metropolis of Quartzsite (pop. 3397) and, while the one mechanic in town sent for a new part and fixed the damn thing, I spent two nights, in about 150-degree heat, at the local  Super 8. (Here's the NPR story I did about that little event).

The odds of such a thing happening to the same person twice are astronomical, right? 


Les Paul and Mary Ford: Vaya con Dios


  1. Good-bye, Heather. And Vaya con Dios!

  2. God be with you, Heather. I hope that you can continue blogging and posting pictures during your journey.


  3. Beautiful piece, Heather. Safe travels.

  4. Thank you, folks, and I forgot to say of course I will be checking in every other minute with photos of bears, adobe churches, empty liquor bottles by the side of the road, etc...not to mention the St. Therese retreat!...

  5. I certainly do enjoy your writings and reading about your journey. You have passion for God and that is a rare commodity these days. You are also a bit odd and bless you for that; God makes us that way. Safe travels and His Peace Always, Jerry

  6. God bless you, Heather King!

  7. Have fun! I'm kinda jealous . . .

  8. SAFE TRAVELS. Enjoy, write, take
    photos, meditate, take in the glories of nature, the company
    and friendship of good people.

    Take care and drive safely and make
    sure you watch out for "the other

  9. SAFE TRAVELS. Enjoy, take photos,
    write, read, enjoy the glories of
    nature and the company of good people. Have a safe and wonderful

  10. Have a terrific trip, Heather. Your posting today is particularly inspiring. I love that you mentioned Sir Edmund. As an ex-pat New Zealander, he is our greatest national hero. Such a humble person too. Thanks for the reading.

  11. Get your kicks on route 66!

  12. God speed, Heath!
    Love bunches,

  13. cool car for a cool lady.

  14. That is one hot little car, mileage aside. I think you should lay a celebratory patch when you reach Alber-kwey-kwey.

    Safe journeys!

  15. It definitely coincide with the erstwhile communiqu‚

  16. I love this "We don't think our way into right acting; we act our way into right thinking. We have to take the leap first." Thanks for your writing and your openness and willingness to share. I found your blog through an article in The Sun that they put an excerpt of on Facebook. So glad I saw that. Take care and be well.

  17. Thanks, Colleen, that was darn nice of The Sun! Glad folks appreciate my I must say very cool car. New Zealand!--you have Sir Edmund Hillary AND Janet Frame...Jerry: LOVE "You are a bit odd." Barbara and all you other faithful readers, thanks as always...That is one long drive and I am glad to have arrived...


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