Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am settling nicely into my weeks of pilgrimage in Taos, New Mexico. It is so beautiful up here on "my" mountain that I spend lots of time simply wandering from room to room, looking out the myraid windows, studying the sky, and snacking.

Yesterday's adventures were two.

1. I ventured down off the hill, slightly, but only slightly, concerned that the chassis would be ripped from my beloved vehicle, into town.

2. A storm looked to be brewing so I dashed back after an hour or two in order to unplug the modem as it apparently does not respond well to electrical storms. So I got back, and unplugged everything, and a more or less gentle rain fell for awhile, and seemed to stop, and around six I decided to set out for a nice constitutional.

No sooner had I descended to the road (which means a good twenty-minute rather hardy climb back up) then  thunder started cracking, lightning ripped through the sky, and a torrential downpour began. I quickly became soaking, and I mean soaking wet, which I actually kind of liked

There simply wasn't anything I could do, or anywhere to seek shelter, so I kept to my brisk walk as scheduled, and just as I was heading back up the hill the rain let up, and suddenly I turned around and saw this!

And this!


  1. That rainbow -- stunning and other-worldly!


  2. You know, when you started your journey to Taos, you posted Mary Ford singing Vaya Con Dios. I'd never heard her before and was struck by the way she leaned back into her song. Didn't push it out or force it. Lovely. And I thought at that time how we are called to lean back into whatever song God is singing through us. I know it's not Therese's imagery, but I first learned that from her autobiography - to lean into God and trust. And now Mahalia Jackson singing the same song. Seems to be a theme.

  3. I think Iris Dement's version of The Everlasting Arms, as used for the soundtrack of the Coen brothers' remake of True Grit, is better. :)


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