Sunday, May 1, 2011


People think L.A. is ugly but it is not!

This is a stand of a plant called Pride of Madeira on the corner of Silver Lake Boulevard and that street by the dog park near the reservoir. Right out in the open! Not even in a botanical garden, or fenced in, or with a sign in front--just this gorgeous stand of otherworldly blooms, for all to see.


  1. Some of my best days in Pasadena were spent sitting under my fig tree while drafting budgets for my P&L. Birds singing, gentle breezes blowing, mission figs ripening, bougainvillea blooming and humming birds sipping the nectar from our birds-of-paradise. It doesn't get much better than that!

  2. Yup Frank, in its better moments, Southern Cal. IS paradise...and Fred, yes, great blue heron definitely looks closest. I was so startled to see he/she standing in the back yard that I did a what the?...doubletake and then it very majestically spread its wings and took off...seemed like the whole bird was a very beautiful smoky gray...with now that I think of it maybe bluish tints...

  3. since moving near a lake, I have come to regard the great blue herons as heralds of Christ. I just saw one flying low over the lake and landing on the shore. And then when it saw me it flew low toward the opposite shore.


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