Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A couple of nights ago, I went to a memorial Mass for my friend Larry Dowling. A bunch of us were there, among them another friend in his 60’s who, just last week, had undergone a hip replacement. A third friend, female, who we both adore, gave him a ride home. He called afterward to say that on the way she’d told him, “Boy you look old. I never noticed it before but you’re just looking OLD. You didn’t used to look old, but now you look old. Old, old, OLD!” “I LOVE her!” was his comment.

Now that is a book I myself must TOTALLY take a page from. That is turning the other cheek at its absolute best.

Speaking of looking OLD, I'm sure it is the SHEEREST coincidence that prompts me to insert this link to NET NY’s “Currents”, filmed in Brooklyn on September 22nd and directed by the one-and-only Deacon Greg Kandra. Greg has a wildly popular blog called The Deacon's Bench, and I was honored to (at last!) meet, appear on his wonderful faith-based cable TV show, and tell a bit of my story to the, as you can see, beautiful and accomplished Francesca Maxime.


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