Thursday, November 8, 2012


woo-hoo, folks: as of Nov. 7, we have hit the half a million pageview mark!
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More news:  the proposed New Zealand speaking tour, which was to have taken place the week after Easter 2013, has been shelved. Turns out the folks could bring me over and put me up but could not pay me for speaking which as I told the good Lucy O'Donoghue, is not in my budget.

Let me make abundantly clear that the thing falling through was through no lack of trying on the part of Lucy, who put forth well-nigh superhuman effort, enlisting the aid of the Bishop of Auckland, every other Catholic luminary in the country, and I'm not sure but what the Pope himself. Seriously, if you ever want an event organizer, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her. She was simply phenomenal, and I want to give a huge shout-out as well to faithful reader/supporter Stephen Sparrow of Christchurch, and to Jo Fielding, of I believe Dunde. All three went way out of their way, devoted time, energy, and effort way beyond the call of duty, enticed me with photos, links and places to stay I am sorry to miss, and fought mightily on my behalf. I am deeply humbled and deeply grateful.

I have worked myself into a state of semi-catatonia by trying to be all things to all people and am thus saying no to just about everything that is not essential to my own convalescence for awhile.

Meanwhile I'm applying to MacDowell, the artist's colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire, for a month or two or however long or short they'd have me next summer. A cottage in the NH woods. Solitude. Quiet. Writing time. Oh please, God.


  1. Well Heather, by mid Sept I had enough backers shoulder tapped to pay you to talk all day to an empty room in this city. Venues are the problem. Big earthquakes are a pain in the butt notwithstanding their propensity to kill as well.

  2. Dear Heather,

    Sorry about the speaking gig flopping down-under. However, bully for you for your resilient spirit. At least that how I see your spirit being when you say,

    "I have worked myself into a state of semi-catatonia by trying to be all things to all people and am thus saying no to just about everything that is not essential to my own convalescence for awhile."

    That's the part I resonate with though I might remove the word convalescence and fill the blank in with something else. That I should do on my own blog and, maybe I will but I need to keep painting (if you see what I did there).

    Brotherly love in-Christ.

  3. Stephen, thank you SO MUCH for all you did...isn't that so often the way?: either the money and no people or the people and no money...God willing, I'll get to NZ some other time, some other way. That's a splendid photo of you btw.

    Hello dear Owen--looking at other people's stuff, commenting, giving feedback, writing letters of recommendation, answering questions like "How do I become a writer?", "Why did you convert to Catholicism," and "Isn't abortion more important than poverty because how can you care for poor people if you kill them first" (that's before I've even gotten dressed) at the expense of my own work, sanity and prayer life are just what I need to cut back on...BLESSINGS on your own blog and as always, thank you...

  4. Heather, a period of convalescence, rest, what have you -- silence -- sounds perfect. May it be so!

    Keeping you in my prayers, as always.

  5. Heather,
    If you do make it into the MacDowell Colony, I would love to meet up with you for lunch. It's only a half hour from me. I used to work in Peterborough and have fond memories of walking by the colony on my lunch break.
    Of course, you did say "solitude"...
    Dana Laviano

  6. Would love to meet for coffee if I make it there, Dana--thanks and I'll keep folks posted!

  7. Good luck with McDowell. My college sorority runs (or plays a big part in funding, I forget which) the Colony, so I hope you can get there to enjoy it and I can get the pleasure of knowing that an author I like it benefiting from the funds I sent there! :) (Yes, that's probably selfish on my part, but, what the heck...)

  8. Dear Heather,

    I just completed a 537-page monograph on God's silence. Would you mind looking it over this weekend and giving me feedback on Monday?

    Best, Bill

  9. So disappointed to hear this news. I pray you get to New Zealand is a precious experience. And you would be a treasure for them, too!

  10. I'm actually not that disappointed--have spent enough time in my life trying to tweak, manipulate, shove events into a slot they weren't meant for to know...acceptance is the key.

    And of course re feeling overwhelmed, the fault is all mine, not anyone else's: my own inability/reluctance to say no, my own willingness to let work and even "service" become a kind of drug, a form of anaesthesia. The good news, as always, is that all roads lead to Christ...who in fact never tried to be all things to all people. He was just Himself...

    I'm very grateful to you all.


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