Sunday, October 28, 2012


A couple of months ago I received a lovely note from:

Br. Rex Anthony Norris
Little Portion Hermitage
Diocese of Portland, ME

Br. Rex had read, and liked, Redeemed. I thanked him--I'm always extra glad to hear from a fellow native New Englander--and I kept thinking Oh how nice there's a monastery near Portland. I also meant to more fully check out Little Portion Hermitage, but with one thing and another, I hadn't gotten around to it till yesterday. That was when I discovered Br. Rex maintains a hermitage of one:

Little Portion Hermitage is a place of Christ-centered solitude, sacred silence, and intercessory prayer. Founded for the glory of God and inspired by the example of St Francis of Assisi, the hermitage is faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ found in their fullness among Churches in full communion with the See of Peter. The hermit residing at Little Portion is a person in Consecrated Life in accord with Canon 603, under the jurisdiction of the bishop of the Diocese of Portland, ME...

I am a hermit under the canonical jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Portland, Maine, in accordance with Canon #603 of the Code of Canon Law. The moments of my day are consecrated to God’s Glory and the salvation of the world. My prayers and penance are offered in a particular way for the many women and men in recovery from or still struggling to overcome addiction to alcohol, other drugs or other destructive behaviors. As I practice opening myself to love God with all my heart, I pray that you may receive the grace to do the same. Each of us is called to love God above all, and to love each other as we love ourselves. Please send your prayer requests and allow me the privilege of joining you in prayer before the Lord. By allowing me the opportunity to pray for you and with you, you stir into flame the call God has placed in my heart; a call given to me for His glory and the good of all the world. Holding you in my heart, I pray you peace and all good.

So if you have any booze/drug addicts in your life, as who doesn't, feel free to offer up their intentions. And I'm hoping Br. Rex is praying for the whole eastern seaboard--I hope we all are--as this giant storm approaches.

photo: my dear friend Ellen Mugar of Cape Elizabeth, Maine


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Heather. It's so wonderful to hear of this man's vocation. Very heartening.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Ms. King. I am indeed praying for all of us here on the East Coast. Most especially the folks further down the coast who are taking the brunt of Sandy's wrath. ~Brother Rex

  3. Thanks, Mary, and Br. Rex! So glad you saw the post. I just love knowing you're on the coast of Maine, praying and with a Christ-centered heart for all the world...


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