Saturday, July 14, 2012


St. Catherine's Lace
this isn't Judy's--
hers was even prettier, but I didn't have my camera

I'm house-sitting in the Hollywood area, as I may have mentioned.

Yesterday I set out for a walk toward Bronson Canyon and decided to see whether there was a back way to Beachwood, the next canyon west. Amazingly, after many twists and turns, I landed on upper Cherimoya (I could have just walked down to Franklin, a main commercial drag, and gone north on Beachwood Drive, but that would have been too easy) and ended up paying a semi-surprise visit to my landscape designer friend Judy. Judy fed me a brownie from Joan's on Third, and a green tea, and showed me her ever-spectacular hydrangeas, bromeliads, and a stunning stand of St. Catherine's lace.

I got lost coming back.

Give me the right of way
over the cornsteps into your sleep,
the right of way over the sleep path,
the right to cut peat
on the heart slope,

From “Irish,” by Paul Celan (tr. Michael Hamburger)

back of HOLLYWOOD sign
photo: Geoff Cordner
Geoff's  "Paradise Hotel" graces the homepage of my website
he's a crazy good photographer and a runner
check out his Slow Twitch Journal

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  1. Heather those flowers are stunning.
    It sounds as those this house sitting is relaxing and peaceful for you.

    Paul Celan-brilliant poet and a suicide. Surviver's guilt?


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